Eyebrows Can Be Shaped and Maintained Professionally


Many people will get their eyebrows professionally maintained once every month or so. Eyebrows tend to grow relatively slowly, especially when compared to the hair on a person’s scalp. The results that customers get from brow shaping in Del Mar may last for even longer than that in practice. Even after a month, a customer’s eyebrows still might not look that different.

They might just decide to go back in a month to have a few small changes made. Their eyebrows won’t actually need to get completely reshaped again. Most of the new brow shape should still be intact.

After a certain amount of time has passed, people might decide to get their brows professionally shaped again. If it’s been several months, their eyebrows may have changed significantly. However, before that point, people will usually just be interested in different levels of eyebrow maintenance. Professionals can help customers at this stage.

Maintaining Results

Customers may not need to perform much eyebrow maintenance themselves between appointments. They’ll save time on their skincare routines in the process. After a few weeks, some people might decide to remove a few small eyebrow hairs using tweezers. A few hairs like this might have formed once a couple of weeks have passed. However, there shouldn’t be very many of them. People who want to avoid examining their eyebrows from one appointment to the next should be fine. It will usually take some more time for their eyebrows to noticeably change.

When there are a few eyebrow hairs located beneath the full eyebrow itself, those hairs might make the brow look slightly thicker. However, since they might not be aligned with the rest of the brow hair, they could have an effect on the other parts of the eyebrow’s shape.

Using Tweezers

People might be concerned about accidentally removing the wrong eyebrow hair when they’re trying to maintain their eyebrows between visits. They’ll have to work slowly when they complete this step, and handle the eyebrow tweezers carefully.

Usually, people will be less likely to remove the eyebrow hairs that they want to keep if they position the tweezers underneath their eyebrows. The structure of the eyebrows will usually come from the upper eyebrow hairs.

Even if people end up removing different eyebrow hair than they initially wanted, they will still probably lose a smaller, lower eyebrow hair if their tweezers are set below the larger and thicker part of their eyebrows. One of these individual hairs probably won’t have much of an effect on the way that the full eyebrow looks. It’s also important to use the right type of tweezers. The tweezers that have a flat edge can still be used to remove eyebrow hair.

However, it’s often more difficult to properly latch onto a specific eyebrow hair when using a set of tweezers that has a flat edge. People will usually find it easier to do so if they use tweezers that have angled edges. Tweezers with an angled edge also have much narrower tips. People will be less likely to accidentally scratch themselves if they decide to use tweezers like these. They’ll also find it easier to remove small, individual eyebrow hairs if they approach eyebrow plucking this way.

The angled tweezers might be easier to use in general because of their overall shape. They could be just as useful for removing splinters and fixing similar problems. People can use these tweezers to get rid of some of the smallest and most subtle eyebrow hairs that they have. The eyebrows that they’ve gotten professionally shaped will continue to look the same for a while.

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