5 pairs of shoes you should not use

The shoes are the weakness of many women, but there are some that could cause us pain and problems in the future. Why then should we tell those who stop using.

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1. Sandals without heel

This kind of shoes does not allow people to have stability when walking, so that could make you suffer from falls or cause injury.

2. High Heels

Women know that tacos stylize our figure and in some cases give us these centimeters we so desire, but use very high can cause us falls.

3. Small Shoes

Unfortunately not all models are made to our feet, so that using it could cause us pain and wounds. It is best to take your time and choose the right.

4. Narrow tip shoes

This kind of shoes does not allow our foot completely fit, so that in the future could suffer from bunions, hammer toe cays.

5. Sandals strips

Although sandals strips are very cute, sometimes this kind of shoes can cause us wounds and pains.

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