Is the battlefield 1 beta over?

Is the battlefield 1 beta over

Battlefield 1 beta is over. Players are no longer able to play the game at all, either online or offline for PC, XBOX One and PS4.

However, it is possible to download the beta client in order to have a look at some gameplay before you buy Battlefield 1 in October 2016 when it comes out.  The only thing that will be available when the game comes out is the weapons, there might be some maps available for players to test but they will not be available when the game comes out in October 2016. You can read What are sponges used for in minecraft

What was in the battlefield 1 beta?

Is the battlefield 1 beta over

– 9 weapons from the final game that will be available at launch for players to use

– 3 maps, Sinai Desert, Fao Fortress and Suez were playable in the beta. These are being shown as other areas of a map called “The Stampede” which is a full-size map made up of all three of these areas – 4 game modes, conquest, rush, war pigeons and team deathmatch. We were also told that domination will be in the final game but was not available to test during the beta

– 6 operations which are the large battles in the game. 3 of these were playable during the beta, none of them are actually historically accurate because DICE has twisted them around to suit their needs

– 5 weapons that will not be available when the game is released in October 2016. Many of these are not done yet because the game is still being made. There were 6 weapons available at launch but DICE decided to remove 1 for unknown reasons. Even if they are just prototyping it’s fun to be able to see these weapons and how they would have been used in a WW1 setting.

– Many of the vehicles from the final game were playable during the beta, however, players could not control any of them, only take passenger seats. This might be because DICE is still deciding if they will allow people to drive certain vehicles or just that the vehicles are not finished yet.

– Weather, time of day and the new dynamic weather wasn’t available in the beta but it is confirmed that weather will affect gameplay, example if it’s raining visibility for players on foot will be reduced so tanks might have an advantage over them.

– The destruction system was also not working at all during the beta. Everything was still really static making the whole point of a battlefield game lost.

– There was no sign of any classes or squad system, again it’s possible DICE are not sure if they will include these features yet because they are still testing them and deciding if they fit with the Battlefield 1s era and gameplay. You might read: What does a carrot on a stick do in Minecraft?

What is the difference between Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4?

– No sign of any levolution in the beta. This is a new destruction system that was introduced in battlefield 4 and then removed from the battlefield hardline to make way for a newer less powerful version. Levolution will be making its return in Battlefield 1

– Only three maps were playable in the beta, all of which were slightly smaller than average for a battlefield map

– There was no sign of squad system or classes in the beta, these might be available at launch but there is currently nothing to suggest that they will be included.

– No guns emplacements anywhere on the maps, again these might make a return in Battlefield 1 but there is currently nothing to suggest that they will be included.

– No sign of any night maps, again this might make a return in Battlefield 1 but there is currently nothing to suggest that it will be included.

What can we expect from the full game?

There are still many features and areas of Battlefield 1 that were not tested or seen during the beta. DICE are still working on the game and it is not finished yet, this means that there will be many changes between now and October 2016 when the game comes out.

Maps are one of these things because 3 maps are not enough to make a full Battlefield game, even less so if only 5% of the whole map is made up of these 3 areas. There is another map called “Giant’s Shadow” which was not tested during the beta and therefore we do not know what to expect from it yet, maybe it will even be as big as all three maps combined!