Absentia Season 2 Review

Absentia Season 2

FBI Agent Emily Byrne ( Stana Katic ) suffered a most traumatic experience in the first season of Absentia. After seven years disappeared while chasing a serial killer, years in which she was left for dead, Byrne reappeared and revealed that, during all that time, she had been kidnapped in the hands of a sadist who constantly tortured her, and the that he did not know what he wanted from her.

Her return home was, logically, complicated because her husband had rebuilt his life with another woman. Her son hardly recognized her. And she needed to collaborate with the FBI in the search for her captor in order to turn the page. Emily got some of those things in the first installment, but the aftermath of what happened to her doesn’t heal as quickly.

This is how we will find it in season 2 of Absentia, which AXN opens in Spain on Tuesday, March 26, and which promises a more in-depth exploration of these sequels and, in addition, new cases that will take its protagonist to the limit.

What is season 2 of ‘Absentia’ aboutAbsentia Season 2

Emily Byrne managed to catch the man who kidnapped her. But she feels that there are still many gaps in her memory about the ordeal she suffered in those seven years. With the help of Detective Tommy Gibbs, of the Boston police. She is willing to know the whole truth, but her investigation only generates new questions. And in addition, psychologically she continues to suffer the consequences of confinement like the one she experienced.

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Emily will also have to turn to an FBI agent, Cal Isaac because she will end up on the trail of a serial killer that no one had paid attention to for years.

At the same time, Nick Durand, the FBI agent who was assigned to his case. Tries to find the culprit of a terrorist attack in Boston. He will collaborate in that investigation with Special Agent Derek Crown and one of the new additions of the season. The expert in psychological profiles Julianne Gunnarsen. This investigation will begin to have certain points of contact with the one that Byrne is conducting, which will take all the characters along paths they did not imagine.

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The new charactersAbsentia Season 2

Emily Byrne and her family and Agent Durand obviously continue in the second installment and are important to the series. Stana Katic and Patrick Heusinger reprise both roles, but in the new directions, Absentia takes. They will interact with characters that are incorporated into these episodes. And who will also contribute something different?

Cal Isaac

A former FBI agent who was a Navy special operations soldier enters Emily’s investigation into her abduction when the serial killer she is tracking acts in close proximity to her. Isaac (Matthew Le Vez) also has a complicated past behind him. One that allows him to understand quite well what she is going through.

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Julianne Gunnarsen

FBI Special Agent Gunnarsen (Natasha Little) is an expert in conducting psychological profiles on suspects. Enter the series to assist Nick Durand in her investigation into the terrorist attack that will focus on an important part of the season. Little else is known about her.

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What awaits Emily Byrne in season 2

The protagonist of the series had to overcome in the first season the post-traumatic stress of having spent seven years kidnapped and tortured, plus the impact of returning to a life that had continued without her. And, to top it off, even the police doubted that she had had anything to do with her captor’s activities. Emily Byrne managed to survive it all and was even able to clear her name. But it is not so easy to leave behind the horribleness of her experience in captivity.

Season 2 will find her searching for answers about what happened to her in those seven years and, at the same time, trying to protect her family from the activities of that serial killer who is going unnoticed amid the chaos created by the attack investigating Agent Durand.

Will he be successful this time? Will she be able to learn to live with those psychological consequences of the kidnapping that she still suffers? Detective Gibbs and Agent Isaac be of any help. Or will one of them hold new nasty surprises for him? For Emily Byrne, the most difficult part of her new life has only just begun.