Is architecture easy to study?

architecture study

For one, most people prefer Architecture as a supplemental field, commonly studied by those who emerged at the top of their high school class. The Architecture Master in Collective Housing is relatively simple and only requires you to have a Bachelor in Architecture.

Is architecture easy to study?

The answer depends on your reasons for studying Architecture. Some people study architecture because they want a challenging career that provides them with a decent income.

Architects usually have to work in teams to create buildings, although some may design their own houses from scratch. Architects can earn good salaries; starting pay is about $37,000 per year and top architects earn $80,000 per year. Architects who can work as home-design consultants or teach at a university may earn even more.

Architects like to have huge spaces wherein they can fully display their creativity and talent in designing comfortable living spaces for people. Apart from providing quality services, architects must be well aware of the latest technology in their field.

What qualifications do you need to study architecture?

You should have a good understanding of math and physics.  Architects study the principles of design, like space planning, light and material, architecture history and spatial theory to help them formulate solutions to real-world problems.

To get an architectural degree, you have to complete the following course:

  • Basic Design Studio I (ARCH 1052)
  • Basic Design Studio II (ARCH 2052)
  • History of Architecture I (ARCH 1101)
  • History of Architecture II (ARCH 1102)

Electives-Choose one from the following:

Building Systems and Construction Methods for Architects I (ENGR 1050, also offered as ARCH 1350) Building Systems and Construction Methods for Architects II (ENGR 1550, also offered as ARCH 2351). State Law Exams – You have to pass two state licensing exams to become an architect.

Architecture is not easy, but it’s very interesting

Especially when you do things in style and comfort. People who love design would love to study architecture because they will know how a building should look like and for what purpose it is being used.  I say, look at a building, then you’ll know how it was designed.

When people talk about architecture, they will say that the best architect has to think of a structure well before he starts designing because once you build something, there’s no stopping or erasing what you did but in the case of paints and other stuff that could be removed or painted over if needed to change some parts of it.

Architecture is so interesting. I love doing things in style. People who love design would love to study architecture because they will know how a building should look and for what purpose it is being used.   Materials are one of the key factors before you plan on creating a building.  Sometimes, the architect would ask for specific materials that he could use to build a fancy yet strong structure.

I never thought architecture was easy, but it’s so fun to make people happy and comfortable in their living spaces.   I hope you’ll enjoy this post and don’t forget to like or comment or even share! Thank you very much for dropping by! See you next time!

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