What you Need to Consider in Addition to your Wedding Marquee

A marquee is a popular choice for a wedding and with good reason – they can be put up where you want them and there are so many different sizes and styles, they can be created to suit any wedding, so you have a lot of choice when it comes to making sure that the wedding is as you want it to be.

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However, when planning your marquee, it is also important that you remember to hire these facilities to go along with it…

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Bar – A bar is essential for most wedding parties, so make sure that you have a marquee that has the space for a bar to be placed in it, and that it is suited to the number of guests that you have invited.

Catering Facilities – Whether you are having a sit-down meal or an evening buffet, you will need facilities on site for the catering staff that can get the food prepared and delivered on time.

Toilets – Don’t forget about the toilets. You can hire some really luxurious portable toilets nowadays, so make sure that you include them in your plans and that there are suitable toilet facilities for everyone who is coming.

Power Supply – You will need to have power for both the electricity supply for the lighting and music, as well as making sure that you can heat the marquee, especially in the cooler months of the year.

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