Should a School Website Have a Blog?

Having a blog on your school website can help you attract new students, engage existing students and parents, and communicate with the entire community. Moreover, it helps you reach your ideal customer. Numerous organisations leverage blogs to attract visitors, turn them into prospects, and drive business so a school can do this too.

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Besides increasing engagement and in particular, community engagement, a school blog can help you boost organic search engine optimization. Moreover, if you regularly update your blog, it will attract more readers. You can also post links to your school blog on social media, which will expand your audience and reach new people. Find help with Websites for schools by going to a site like

While there are many reasons to have a blog on your school website, you should choose topics carefully. The blog should be focused and follow a specific strategy. It is advisable to focus on the subject of education. Typically, a school website should feature a blog written by the school head. In this role, he or she is considered to be the leader of the school and the entire education sector. A school blog will be an excellent way to share knowledge and expertise about the school and its programmes with other people in the community.

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A school website should also feature a calendar and upcoming events. A school calendar is an essential piece of information for prospective families. Moreover, it is important to make sure that the calendar is accessible by everyone. It is also wise to avoid making the page too flashy – it will not only distract the viewers from the main message, but may also be inaccessible to people with disabilities.


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