Three Ways to Cut the Cost and Stress of Christmas

With Christmas on the way, here are three things that you can do to reduce the costs of it…

Christmas Presents – We have all experienced that last minute mad rush where we splurge on novelty gifts in a panic on Christmas eve! Planning gifts and sticking to a budget not only saves you money, but also stops you getting stressed. Well thought out gifts like this irish mens sweater or homemade items go down better than novelty tat too!

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Festive Food – We all look forward to the big Christmas feast, but if you are having to feed a big family it can cost a fortune. Getting other family members to help out by bringing something is a good way to gut down on your expenses, as is planning and preparing well in advance. By getting things that can be stored until Christmas a few months ahead, you won’t have such a shocking food shop in December. You also don’t need to run the risk of things being sold out.

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Seasonal Activities – Something that can quickly add up are all of the Christmas activities that come as part and parcel of this time of the year. This can cost a lot before Christmas has even arrived, so before you agree to go to everything going on, or start arranging pricey trips here, there and everywhere, think about the things that you really need to do, as well as alternatives. For example, do you really need to take your kids to all the light shows and father Christmas meetings in the area? You could plan a woodland walk on a frosty day which is not only magical but also will be less busy!

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