Plans and preparations that went into living in a motorhome with our cat for a month in Devon

Sounds absolutely idyllic doesn’t it, and for the majority of the time it really felt like we were living the dream?  Staying in our motorhome in Devon for the month of September, we needed to plan meticulously and prepare for this time away from home. Luckily the weather remained hot and sunny for approximately 90% of the time and if it did rain it was overnight.  Let’s start at the beginning of the journey and all the preparations that went into planning a month away from home.  As we have already been motor homing for nearly three years, most of the larger essential equipment was neatly stored in the garage and ready to be methodically packed into our 5.5-metre-long Motorhome (named Rosie).  There are certain larger items that are essential and must be taken on a journey like ours, foldable camping equipment, such as chairs, a table, wardrobe, an outdoor kitchen unit, so that most of the cooking can be done externally, a washing line, and a large cat run so that Gizmo (our cat) can roam around outside safely.

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Thinking about storing enough food for ourselves and Gizmo was relatively simple, we decided to take everything for our cat (as he’s quite particular to certain brands) and only basic items for ourselves.  Our plan was to do a big food shop from a local supermarket on arrival in Devon. Leaving home at 6:00am we sailed through all the usual busy spots on the motorway and only saw a few early morning lorries, cars and Van Rental Bristol drivers. There were a multitude of small, personal toiletries, chargers, a variety of clothes, clean bedlinen, and towels to pack alongside a cat scratch post, small cat tree, food and water bowls and toys to keep a very active cat happy.

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The site we had chosen to stay at for the month of September had a great shower and toilet block, a laundry room with washing machine and tumble dryer, a small reception shop stocked with very basic toiletries and food items and an incredible view of the sea within five minutes of our pitch. Having a local village shop and two pubs also within five mins of the site was a bonus. All in all, a fabulous experience and one that will provide many happy memories for a long time to come.

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