Festivals are Back – How to Keep Safe

It is great to see festival season back in full swing after the last two years of lockdowns and restrictions. However, if you are looking forward to going to a festival this summer, here are a few things to be aware of to make sure that you stay safe and have a good time…

Personal Safety – When going to the festival as a group or even a twosome, it is always best to make sure that you can look out for each other. If you are separated from the group, make sure that you have a phone with you, and they have one with them so that you can get hold of each other if needed. Portable mobile phone chargers are ideal for festivals as they allow you to keep your phone well charged up. It is also a good idea to find out where the places are in the festival that you can go to for help if you need to – places like first aid tents and security for example.

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Relationships – Many people go to a festival and meet a partner. This might be for the night, or it might even be the start of a relationship, but it is important to still practise safe sex. Using protection like a condom will ensure that you are not likely to risk unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, or any nasty sexually transmitted infections. If you have been to a festival and fear that you may have caught something, there are places around the country, like these Greenwich chlamydia testing kits, which can help you to find out if you have anything, and if you have got the treatment that you need.

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Drugs and Drink – Another big part of a festival for many people is using drugs and alcohol. At a festival, people are partying and letting their hair down, and this is part of it for many. Being careful about what you are taking, being aware of where to get first aid, and of course making sure that you stay with your group are all important if you are going to take drugs and drink. You should also make sure that you keep well hydrated, especially if you are outside for a long time on a hot day.

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