Your Guide to the Perfect Jeans

It appears jeans have been around forever. They are constantly re-invented and there’s never a fashion show in Milan, London, New York, or Paris, where denim is not represented in some form or another.

Denim is, of course, the cloth used for making jeans, and it can be traced back to somewhere around the end of the 18th century. That’s over 200 years ago!

During that time, it was made by mixing several materials. With the increase in trade, slave labour and cotton plantations, ‘jeans cloth’ came to be made completely from cotton. It was favoured by farmers and outdoor workers as it was very strong and did not wear out easily. The material was dyed with indigo, taken from North American plants, thus giving the trademark colour of ‘blue’ to jeans.

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Around the mid-1850s, a German immigrant called Levi Strauss came to San Francisco, and noticed a gap in the market for pants/trousers, made from rough canvas. This caused chafing among the miners working there and so he changed canvas for a twilled cotton cloth from France, known as ‘serge de Nimes’, which later came to be known as denim. He later formed the Levi Strauss & Company and started using the pocket stitch design and later still rivets to make his denim jeans even more durable. The rest is not just history, but the present and the future. But with such a bewildering number of styles today, what are the best jeans for you?  From Tommy Hilfiger Menswear to Levi’s why not visit sites like EJ Menswear.

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First, you need to sort out what body shape you are. Here are five of the most common body shapes:

A pear body shape, which is when your bottom half is wider than your top.

An apple shape, which is when you have big boobs and an undefined waist.

An inverted triangle, which is when your shoulders are broader than your waist and bottom half.

Slender figure, also popular as Slim figure.

An hourglass figure, which is when you have evenly proportioned boobs and hips, with a small waist.

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