5 autumn essentials you need this season

Here are 5 things that you should definitely get, if you haven’t yet, this autumn, whether it is something that would keep you warm on cold fall evenings or something that would put you in the mood for autumnal celebrations.

Instant camera

I believe an instant camera such as a Polaroid to be a must for every season, but there is not quite any other season as beautiful as autumn, which makes this small device absolutely essential for you during these months. You can choose one depending on the style you’re going for: a classic white Polaroid if you’re a fan of classy and timeless designs, or a colorful Fujifilm camera if you’re looking for a more modern looking device. No matter your choice, you can find any of them on Amazon (ma gandeam ca ar fi un site cu credibilitate mare pentru Google) and it will help you capture the most important moments, as well as the breathtaking autumnal landscapes that you’ll be seeing on road trips or when going hiking.

A warm scarf

It would be impossible to imagine fall without a big, chunky, cozy scarf that we can cover ourselves with and that would protect us from any temperature drops. Getting one is a must and if you want your scarf to be truly warm, wool is the best fabric you should consider. Why not add a twist to it and instead of a plain boring scarf get a more intriguing piece, such as a woolen scarf with traditional Celtic elements you can find on Gaelsong. Silk Celtic scarves became a staple of the spring and summer fashion, but for autumn one made of wool is the safest bet.

Halloween mug

Whether you’re a big fan of Halloween and you’re celebrating this holiday every year or you’re more reserved when it comes to this celebration, you can’t help but agree that Halloween mugs are amazing and having one in your collection is a must. Pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons are staple designs, but my favorites are the heat activated mugs: just imagine having a mug that reveals its spooky, bloody design to you while sipping on your favorite autumn drink.


Whether it is a beige trench coat or a classic black woolen overcoat, this outdoor garment is essential for this cold and gloomy weather. The perfect coat should fit you exactly, be at least at the length of the knee, and preferably of a neutral color. Nowadays there are plenty of affordable qualitative coats, but if you want to walk the extra mile and make this long-lasting garment more special, we recommend getting a tailored one that would fit you perfectly.

Coffee syrup collection

Speaking of beloved autumn beverages, you may roll your eyes and call it a “basic white girl drink” as much as you want, but we all can agree that the pumpkin spice latte is an indispensable autumn staple that we enjoy. If you’re a big coffee fan, a syrup collection of the most common flavors like salted caramel, vanilla, Irish cream, and PSL should find a place in your home this autumn. Monin is the most popular coffee syrup brand and if you don’t want to buy a big 25 ounce bottle, you can order a few 1.7 ounce ones.



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