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Film scenes in Gloucestershire

The country of Gloucestershire has provided many films and tv shows with the perfect setting for its locations. Being so blessed with rural landscapes and picturesque market towns that date back to the mediaeval age and earlier Gloucestershire is an attractive option for many location scouts and directors looking for that perfect setting to their film production. It’s also helped by being a great place to live as well. You only have to look at the Park Homes Gloucester option to see what we mean. Here are some of the many Gloucestershire locations that have been made famous on film and tv screen.

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  1. Northleach. Just off the great East to West road from London to West Wales lies the picturesque small market town of Northleach. Nestled in the Cotswolds it has become the focal point for This Country, a mockumentary spoof of what young rural people experience growing up. It’s written by two local talents Charlie and Daisy May Cooper who lived down the road in Cirencester.
  2. Cirencester. Cirencesters’ streets and houses have been used several times but its most famous street that has been used is Cicely Hill. The street is a mix of Cotswold Cottages and large townhouses that has been used for period pieces such as the Onedin Line.
  3. Gloucester Cathedral. Another popular place for film and tv is this iconic gothic medieval religious building. It is featured in many historical dramas along with the square that it sits in. It was the inspiration for JK Rowings Hogwarts so it was only natural that its famous Cloisters would become the setting for the school corridors of one of the most famous schools for witchcraft and wizardry. It is easy to see why you can get the chance to visit it at some point. In the stillness of the corridors of the cloisters you can imagine that you are walking the corridors of a special place and can see how Rowling got her inspiration from the place.

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  1. The Forest of Dean and Puzzle wood. The Forest was the place that famous tv playwright Dennis Potter grew up in. It was the go to location when the BBC filmed his play the Singing Detective as much of it was semi autobiographical. This is not the end of the site as a famous location. The beautiful and mysterious Puzzle wood has been used in many productions. Its most famous appearance is as the planet Takodana where Rey has her first encounter with her soon to be lightsabre and an encounter with Kylo Ren. The wood has also been used in Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows part one, Rowling returning to another place that inspired her and several episodes of Doctor Who, Merlin and the Hollywood film Jack the Giant Slayer.