A School Website – Why it is Important and What Should be Included on it

A website is something that is important for a business, but it is also an important part of life nowadays for pretty much everything. The internet is the first place that people will head to when they want to find something, and one of the things that the internet has proved very useful for is education.

For schools, a website is an important tool that they can use for many reasons – from helping children with home learning to communicating with parents. It is also a great way to provide information to parents who are looking for a school for their children and of course they will want as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision.

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Schools need a website that showcases their school and provides all the necessary information to those who need it – getting someone who specialises in building websites for schools like this fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/ is a good idea.

Some of the things that you should include on a good website for the school are:

Ofsted Reports – These can play a part in helping parents to decide on a school for their children.

Exam Results – Many parents will want to see the past exam results that students at the school have achieved.

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School Information – Things like the uniform policy, term dates and inset days and other information that is useful to parents can all be included here, which means that it is easy for parents to get the information that they need.

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