Accounting software to speed up your finance reporting

There is nothing worse than wading through mounds of receipts and lines and lines of an excel spreadsheet when it comes to filing your business accounts. There is a much better way of doing this. Obviously, working with a Swindon Bookkeepers makes the most sense, but you can also look at using accounting software.

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Cloud accounting software has revolutionised the way in which businesses can manage their finances. It allows for employees to send invoices immediately, for expenses to be filed quickly, and most importantly, it allows accountants and bookkeepers to log into your account and see your business finances in real-time

There are lots of different cloud accounting companies available such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage. Each one of these offers packages that are suitable for all-size businesses, from sole traders through to international corporations. The one that you opt for will depend on your budget, your own preferred software design style and the bookkeeping software that your chosen accountant works with.

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Each one of the software names mentioned above allows you to link your business bank account directly into the software so you can monitor the money that is in your account and can reconcile any sales or purchases that have been made. You can also file your VAT returns and end-of-year returns either directly through the software or by using the reports that the software produces.

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