The Mini Convertible arrives in concession: as fun as expensive

Mini continues to expand its range with the arrival of the convertible version concession. Representing just over 10% of sales, convertible Mini remains paramount for which no one messes still winning recipe, despite a particularly salty selling price.

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

Paradoxically, if the Mini Original is a car that has the bottle now the convertible version is it rather recent. Launched quietly in 1993 on the “old” Mini, it was truly a success from the resumption of Mini by BMW. With more than 145,000 sales this generation Mini convertible is a commercial success and today the British brand continues the adventure with a new version swollen with hormones.

The new Mini cabriolet thus gains in length, width and height. The accusations have blended in recent times against the British manufacturer that makes you fat Mini, plus very “mini” precisely. The convertible version has however all the benefits of this expansion since all interior volumes are up, even with a highlight box 215 liters overturned. Obviously, the Mini convertible is still a fun car, often second or third family car, but the offer is still unique because it is a segment of the convertible B (super mini) four seats.

Faced with competition, the Mini is a little apart. Small convertibles are not lacking today, the Mazda MX-5 to the more expensive then BMW Z4 through the Fiat 124 spider or the Audi A3Cabriolet, but English remains the only city that is not discoverable a strict two-seater. The only regret, finally, is that Mini did not retain the versions “One” that would have brought down the self admission ticket attached to more than € 24,000. And as always with Mini each car can be widely customized but the bill then climbs to unspeakable heights.

The new Mini convertible is in concession in the brand network at prices ranging from 24,650 to € 39,100. The powers range from 116 hp to 231 hp for the John Cooper Works version.

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