Tesla breaks new record of efficiency: 900 km on a single charge

Hypermiling is called to practice trying to achieve the greatest distance with a single charge of fuel. This applies to cars, airplanes or any vehicle that wants to perform such a feat. While it is not a really useful technique to determine the possible ranges of the performance of a vehicle in many ways, it serves to see how efficient it is in relation to the miles traveled.

The Tesla Model S model has been tested in one of these tests of hypermiling and surprises the one that has generated: it has yielded about 901.2km with only one load of energy.

 The previous record had Casey Spencer, the owner of a Tesla Model S 85D car, which managed to travel 26 hours at 22 mph. Since that time Tesla has significantly improved the use of energy in their cars, thus being more efficient and being able to give new records like the one we see here.

Steven Peeters and Joeri Cools are the new owners of Tesla car hypermiling using an S P100D. They have done this 900-kilometer route in a 26-kilometer closed circuit on the Belgian border. The test was done on an average of 40km / h of speed, which they found as the right one to have the lowest energy consumption, something that they had to measure constantly since the journey was done during the night and day, with different temperatures Affecting the car.

It took them 23 hours and 45 minutes to reach 901.2km, very close to what Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously predicted: that in 2017 a car could travel up to 965km on a single charge.


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