5 sights of the Porsche Panamera Sport Tourism

Porsche Panamera

One of the cars that most caught the attention of visitors to the previous Geneva Auto Show , which celebrated its 87th edition, was the Porsche Panamera Sport Touring, a Station Wagon with a captivating design and classic sportsmanship from the brand Stuttgart, Germany.

 Porsche Panamera

Today we compiled some of the curious data of this new model that surely will be a whole success of sales in Europe. For now, on this side of the planet we will be attentive to know if at some point will reach the dealers. Let’s start!

1 Adjustable Spoiler

The rear spoiler, which is located at the top of the awning line, can be adjusted in three different ways, depending on the speed and the selected operating mode. It can produce a downforce of up to 110 pounds.

2 Total drive only

In this version, the Panamera can only be bought with full-wheel drive. For those who like to switch off the traction control, they better go looking for another Porsche model.

3 Five real squares

Typical is the fact that Porsche cars are always compromised the space available for rear seats, however, in this model the brand has obsessed with marking three places for later places. Yes, it is a Station Wagon, and is much more comfortable than other formats.

4 The most functional Panamera

The load capacity is another of the points in favor of the new Panamera Sport Turismo. This model offers a maximum load capacity (with folded backs) of up to 1,390 liters (49.1 cubic feet).

5 Best look

Unlike the regular Panamera, this version does not compromise the style by having to “bring it” to the image of the 911. Although identical to the Panamera to the post B, later the design is relaxed, and a very aesthetic rear is achieved, Imposing and powerful. We like!

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