Tips to increase profits of your business


How much would you give to triple your sales from this month?

Sell ​​more, it is possible…

Today I share at least 10 surefire tips to increase your revenue by improving your sales.

Regardless of the size of your business, we could say that the formula to sell more is reduced to a series of small actions that can give you great results:

1. Increase the frequency of visits to your current customers. To achieve more orders at first you must increase the frequency of visits to your customers. A couple of visits or calls per month could make the difference between 5 and 7 orders orders. Multiply it by the number of clients in your portfolio and you will soon see major differences.

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2. Get new customers. Every month should contemplate a strategy to add new customers to the portfolio. Prospecting leads, make some calls and carry information about your company and products can mean valuable new customers are added.

3. Implements attractive promotions. The difference between a good and a bad promotion promotion is that the former is strategically designed to generate more sales with very little extra investment. Common strategies include slightly increase the price of some products to offer a “discount” to your client or “second at half price” or “2 × 1”.

4. It offers additional benefits for larger purchases. If your client usually asks for 25 pairs of shoes can offer this month for each order of 40 pairs, can present him free kit shine.Obviously the gift must have a minimum cost is used as a hook for greater order and a good incentive can easily increase your orders.

5. Transfer the benefits to your customers. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate !!! Always you are negotiated. If you distribute a product line, you must also sell you as a customer to your suppliers and get additional benefits with them. Ask gifts for purchases you make, discounts or additional value added, and uses these to transfer them to your customers and get also higher orders without any direct investment.

6. Create a client program-friend. You can invent a system of points or by purchase tickets so that when your client gather 10 tickets or a certain number of points you can present him a gift or a special discount on your next purchase. Deliver a promotional ticket every time you make an order helps to remember that if you are buying in a short time will have an extra benefit of you.

7. “Pay” for referrals. Everyone knows someone who will be interested in your product. And if you have a healthy portfolio and 50 satisfied customers, you can let them know that for every 2 clients relate to you, you will by presenting them a 5% discount on their purchase. If you know calculate, you’ll invest a small percentage but you will soon see increased your wallet with the corresponding increase in sales in the medium term.

8. Improving the presentation of your product. We know that “the product enters the eye.”If it looks good, it sells better. If it looks bad, it will be harder line. Many times we can increase our sales rates with just paying attention to detail and improve the visual presentation of our products. And if your business is service, then it means that the product is you or your employees and sometimes improve the presentation and personal service from them to the client may encourage more sales.

9. Become a genius of incremental sales. This is a very subtle to triple your sales strategy.It is to give your customer a product at a price that when X already ordered, then you offer an upgrade to the product and only a small difference in price. Example. Hamburger restaurants offer a combo for $ 2.50 and when you you ask the cashier tells you with a big smile. “Lord, for only 0.25 can change your medium drink a large drink …” And who refuses pay only 0.25 cents? I love this Super strategy to increase sales. You can do it with food, services, cars, what you want, just depends on your creativity.

10. Find methodological treasures in the minds of your collaborators. This last tip is about people who are around you and move your business every day. From the secretary to delivering orders. All have great ideas or solutions to problems that have been and, if you ask, you can get many potential ideas. Because they do not meet them and create synergy with a good brainstorming to find ways to sell more. 
As you can see, improve your sales has more to do with creativity and work with more investment or costs. Most times we do not sell more simply because they encourage us to offer our customers the benefits suggest or increase their orders.

If you take a few hours to creatively develop these ideas, you’ll soon have in your hand valuable strategies that will result in $ for your buck.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.