some useful Tips to Manage a Business Efficiently

For a creative business to succeed it is necessary to dedicate a great effort and commitment. This assumption is true but incomplete, since it also requires the ability to be well organized to make good decisions.

This extra effort that demands success often leads entrepreneurs to sacrifice important aspects of their personal lives to meet the demands of work, however this is not sustainable in the long run since they put at risk much more important things than the same Business, such as personal health and family.

It is necessary to find a balance that allows the entrepreneur to apply his best effort and commitment, in an intelligent and orderly way, keeping time and energy for himself and the people who are important to him or her.

In addition, business organization is of vital importance because it enables the business owner to operate consistently, anticipating needs and avoiding unnecessary problems, while optimizing the use of resources and ultimately leading the business to generate profits.

For these reasons  we brings these  tips to manage a business efficiently.

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1. Make a Business Plan, and keep it updated.

A business plan is like a map so you do not lose track. It will give you a guide of what you should do and how you should do it.

Regardless of the assumptions you have to make, a business plan is not “castles in the air”, quite the opposite: it is the building plans of your business.

With a good Business Plan you will be able to validate the idea that you want to develop objectively, and thus you will check whether or not there is a real opportunity in that niche market in which you are working. You can visualize different scenarios and anticipate them, you will be clear how much money you need to invest and operate.

A Business plan gives you the tools to compete against other entrepreneurs who are interested in the same opportunity you are looking for, and who most likely have an advantage over you.

To make a solid and viable Business Plan it is advisable that you consult with experts. There are some universities and specialized agencies that can help you do that.

It is important that you do not do it yourself because the external and neutral vision, without subjectivity or previous commitments is necessary to achieve the credibility of it. You will also be surprised by the ideas and vision that external consultants can bring to you to exploit new business opportunities in your niche.

And once you have it, do not archive it as soon as you get past your opening stage. Use it as a reference so that your estimates now reflect reality because small market alterations may require you to adjust your plan or develop new contingency strategies.

The Business Plan must remain in force and it is advisable to update it at least once a year.

2. Set achievable and challenging goals.

It is very important to be clear what it is that we must achieve, for that we set the goals, as they set the goals.

A goal must be attainable to keep the working group concentrated, and with the certainty that the goal will be achieved. If we set a goal too ambitious it will not be long before your people realize that it is impossible to reach it and start not taking it seriously. On the other hand, if we maintain an achievable goal, it will always be present in the mind of the team as it is in their hands to reach it.

You should also be challenging to maintain a healthy pressure on the group, so that they stay motivated to reach it, since inside we all want to prove that we are capable. An achievable and challenging goal will give us the possibility to keep the team focused and motivated, without putting them on an impossible mission.

Goal size is important: Girl goals are as valuable as big ones. The reason is that to achieve a big goal you have to reach a series of small goals and it is only through achieving small goals that one reaches to achieve bigger goals.

If you want to be successful in your business it is necessary that you not only set goals for your company. You should also set goals for your life that keep you motivated to move forward with your project. It’s easy to get bored or bored with having your own business when you do not link it to meeting personal goals.

3. Sales should be the most important thing for your business.

Sales inject cash into the business and without them, the business dries up.

Many times the entrepreneur opens his business because he has some specific skill, usually of a technical nature, and thinks that sales will be given easily because his experience and ability will make the public come to buy. Other times he feels that his business idea is so good that customers will come alone.

However the buyer is elusive and difficult; Is demanding, not only in the functional aspect of the product or service, but also in the process of convincing. Today customers have many options to purchase any product or service, and your main job should be to be in the number 1 of your list of options.

To achieve this you must establish a solid communication strategy that allows you to be known and taken into account by the customer when their need arises. You must define in your monthly budget a well-reasoned amount for advertising and positioning, this will be paid alone.

In this case, you will have to think about what media you will be present, so that your client thinks of you before in your competition, and therefore looks for you first. The Internet offers you very good and cheap tools for this, but there are also more traditional media that remain very powerful. A good presence of your local, with attractive and clear logos and messages is also a great help.

You should also think that your sales people should be very well trained, and should have good incentives to help you achieve the goals proposed in your Business Plan. A good salesman is made over time, but do not forget that there are natural qualities in a person that make it a good seller, such as interpersonal communication, ambition, sympathy, presence, push, among others. The technical aspect of your training is up to you, so make sure that the sales staff receives the appropriate technical training. This is highly valued by the public.

Finally, you must establish a sales process and you must be able to measure it, so that you can identify the efficiency of your equipment in the different stages. Having information from your customers, and their respective sales opportunities will allow you to know them better and establish specific strategies to close the sale. At this point it is important that you rely on some software tool that allows you to configure your sales process and build a database of customers. Remember that selling to an existing customer is 5 times easier and cheaper than selling to a new customer.

In addition a software tool will allow you to have all kinds of reports so that you can visualize well the stages of your sales process, and you can thus identify the aspects that you must improve, or the products that you should push more, or eliminate because they do not have rotation.

A company with good sales, although inefficient in other aspects, can go ahead, but a company without sales never goes ahead, no matter how efficient it is to administer or operate other processes. For these reasons you should pay close attention to sales.

4. Select your staff well

If you manage to take your business to the point of needing to hire staff is a symptom that you are doing things right, but you have to be very careful with the people you hire. Especially if your business is small it is very important that your staff is committed to give a good service to the customer and worry about your business.

For this you must define well the specific qualities, knowledge and skills that a candidate needs in order to be able to perform well the position that must be covered. If this is not clear to you, chances are you will hire someone who will not do his job well. This is called defining the Job Profile. In other words, think of the ideal person, then go out and look for it.

It is common to look for cheap people, even if they do not have many skills, with the aim of saving money, however this is often redressed in additional expenses when this person makes a mistake by not being well prepared for the role that must be performed. This is why it is important not only to be clear about the profile, to offer a salary according to its functions and responsibilities, without falling into the error of looking for false savings in salaries.

An able person, who has the skills your business needs, will also be attractive to another company, so you should offer him a fair salary and other incentives to keep him motivated. These incentives are psychological and do not have to cost you money: Good communication between you and them, treat them with respect and dignity, give them the opportunity to learn and develop as employees and as people, keep them motivated to feel an important part of the team, etc. .

Remember that all people have the need to “contribute”. Explain to your staff the great contribution your business has to your work, no matter how simple it may seem. Develop a team spirit that values the work of everyone involved in the company, from the cleaning services to the work you do as owner or manager are just as important because everyone needs everyone to reach the results As the company is successful.

5. Define and standardize your processes

One of the most common problems in small and medium-sized enterprises is the lack of standardization in operational processes. It is common that the same work is done differently if done by one person or another, that is, each can do it his own way. This causes variations in quality, times and costs, and makes scenario planning very uncertain.

To solve this it is advisable to standardize processes, looking for the first functions to be standardized are those that are in direct line with the value chain that ends with the client.

Standardization will give you the certainty that things are always done in the same way, with the same level of quality, regardless of the person who makes them. It will give you much peace of mind, and you will be able to concentrate on the most important thing.

Once your processes are standardized you must automate them with the use of a software tool . This will give you the guarantee that no one will be able to do things your way, and that the controls are followed without exception. In this way your customers will be more satisfied, since their expectations can be consistently covered every time they come to your business.

Before introducing a system to automate, it is important to check existing processes well and make sure they are optimal, and if necessary, correct them. For any reason you must do the opposite: automate before and then review processes, as you run a high risk. This is a very common fault that costs a lot of money to entrepreneurs.

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