5 investing opportunities for millennials

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To date, the topic of investments is more topical than ever. The market may, in fact, be subject to significant fluctuations and variations and choosing investment opportunities for millennials carefully is essential to protect and increase your capital. The investment can be strongly affected by the economic recession times or emergencies and other global crises. Furthermore, in today’s globalized world, the performance of each market affects the others.

5 investing opportunities for millennials

Without therefore going into the details of the best stocks, bonds or investments on the stock exchange to be made, we will try to answer the question: what are the best entrepreneurial investments to be made today? Let’s see the 5 investing opportunities for millennials.

1. Franchising

The franchise is an excellent investment opportunity for millennials. Franchising is, in fact, an entrepreneurial solution that guarantees access to consolidated know-how and to a business model that has already proven to be successful. Franchising also allows you to become an entrepreneur in person without particular previous skills, to play a single managerial role or even to become a pure investor by giving the business to third parties in management.

2. Mobile E-Commerce and Home Delivery

A very current sector is that of the web and home deliveries. Combining these two areas means making a winning investment now and in the future. An interesting investment opportunity is, therefore, to start an e-commerce business (even better if optimized for mobile e-commerce) and home delivery. The activity may have its own products and services as its object, but it is advisable to also agree on third-party activities. In fact, there are still many companies in Italy that would like to exploit the potential of the web and home deliveries but do not have their own structure.

3. Real estate

The real estate market, with the right precautions, is an “evergreen” investment for millennials. In fact, investing in real estate can almost always guarantee an economic return or at least the protection of the value of one’s capital over time. The possible opportunities for real estate investment are many: you can, in fact, invest in real estate by becoming a shareholder, buy a property at an advantageous price (at an inclined moment or at an auction) and resell it at a higher price, buy a property to rent. to individuals or companies, or to buy a property to convert into a business (retirement home, nursery, private school, B&B, etc.)

4. Funding

Another of the best opportunities for millennials to invest their capital in today’s market is to finance other businesses. This solution allows you to invest in innovative, technological companies and activities and in original business ideas. The opportunities to invest by financing other entrepreneurial activities are manifold: by becoming a capital shareholder, private lender or even a lender through crowdfunding actions (depending on the size of the sum you want to invest).

5. Legal Cannabis

A market that has experienced an enormous expansion in recent years and that could suggest it has already reached its peak is that of legal cannabis. However, the light hemp sector is still far from reaching its real potential or from being saturated, as shown by the worldwide turnover linked to every activity related to cannabis (specialized shops, cannabis food, state-certified crops, applications in the medical field, etc.). Opening a business in this sector, or becoming a lender or shareholder of third-party capital in this area, could be an excellent investment opportunity for millennials.

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