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Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

The multi-layer coating based on HDF slabs – laminate – originally from Sweden. This material was developed in the late 70s of the last century and in a short time became popular among millions of consumers even though its first samples were not of high quality. However, as a result of continuous improvement of production technologies, laminate is the most popular among the coatings for the home all over the world today.

Its lamellas have a multi-layer construction. The bottom layer is a specially treated cellulose. This layer gives stability, protects against moisture penetration. Medium – carrier of HDF-plate of the highest density. Its surface is made in the form of a printed pattern (it can imitate stone, wood) applied on paper or on a base. Produced from environmentally friendly woodworking products, panels require proper and careful care, and require careful care. Only in this case, the manufacturer can ensure that over the long term your laminate will retain its visual appeal, excellent performance characteristics. How to properly care for the floors in the apartment, so that the coating always shines?

Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

A few simple but useful recommendations.

Competent care is integrity, a perfectly smooth and even floor surface for many years. It consists of regular dry and occasional wet cleaning. It is necessary to take care of protection from scratches, as well as maintain an optimal microclimate in the house. The laminated floor is quite unpretentious, so take care of him at home is not so difficult.

In the process of cleaning the laminate enough to clean with a vacuum cleaner or gently wipe with a damp cloth. In order to remove stubborn dirt: traces of marker, shoe cream, glue, wax crayons, it is recommended to use specialized care products (Kronoflooring, Pro-Brite Luminol, Uniclic, Bona Cleaner Tile & Laminate, etc.) Similar products offer almost all brands that specialize in the production of laminated coatings.

Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

According to experts, when caring for the floor, it is important to avoid the use of metal sponges, alkali-containing, abrasive SMS. They are able to corrode, scratch the surface. Mastic, compositions based on silicones and waxes are also not suitable. They do not penetrate into the structure of the slats and instead of gloss on the floorboards will remain unaesthetic divorces.

How to care for HDF-based flooring: 10 important rules

  • Minor dirt is easily and quickly removed from the surface with a well-wrung cloth.
  • Protection against abrasion (sand particles) of areas that are prone to permanent contamination, for example, laminate near the entrance door in the hallway, is easily secured with dirt-absorbing nap mats.

Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

  • On the legs of sofas, chairs, tables, other home furnishings, it is advisable to glue felt/felt lining to prevent scratches.
  • Do not over-wet the rag during cleaning.
  • After cleaning with the use of detergent compositions, make sure that all traces and stains have been removed from the laminate (the remnants of the cleaners attract dirt like a magnet).
  • If you decide to take care of all the rules, do not allow water to accumulate on the floor. (When using, for example, sprayers intended for watering indoor plants).
  • If the slats have triangular chamfers or beveled edges, start by cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner. Only then do the wet cleaning. To make the floors shine, wipe them with microfiber at the end.
  • Remember: for the cleaning of the laminate are not suitable products based on oils, waxes, prohibited preparations containing acids, bleach (whiteness). They all damage the top layer.
  • Hard rollers of computer mobile chairs will be correctly replaced with soft ones made of rubber (marked W).

Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

  • Maintain a certain level of humidity in your home (40-60%). In the cold season, in a well-heated room, the humidity level does not exceed 22%, which adversely affects the condition of the laminated floors: they dry out. Purchasing inexpensive household humidifiers is the easiest way to remedy the situation. With excessive moisture, on the contrary, they are able to deform due to the absorption of excess moisture. A crucial solution to this problem is ventilation. From + 18 ° C to + 26 ° C – the temperature that can prolong the life of the laminate.

Laminate will not damage the metal wheels of baby strollers or toy machines, he is not afraid of sharp studs of women’s shoes, but by dropping a knife, you will most likely find a mark on its surface. Small defects can be removed with a special paste of the corresponding color. However, imperceptibly mask a deep dent is unlikely to succeed.

Caring For Laminate In The Apartment

In such cases, the damaged lamella is replaced: it is swapped with a slat lying on a small area (under the sofa, for example). Many owners of laminated floors perform such castling after several years of use of the coating in the front. Near the front door and in the center it is always damaged more, even if you take care of the floors regularly and correctly. Now, having familiarized with the features of the care of laminate floors, you will be able to preserve their impeccable look for a long time!

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