Apple Pay Refuses to Provide Payment Software to Hate-Group Websites

In the wake of the Charlottesville attacks in Virginia by groups of white nationalist supporters, Apple have taken steps to remove Apple Pay from three online sources that distribute white power clothing and accessories, many of which are branded with Nazi emblems.

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Apple Acts Against Hate

Apple has their own set of “acceptable use guidelines”, effectively stating that Apple Pay can not be used in accordance with or in promotion of “hate, violence, or intolerance”. This has led to websites, including, and Behold Barbarity, the latter of which has already been taken down, being suspended from their use of the payment facility. Although the “pro-white” Brien James, who runs AmericanVikings, didn’t appear too affected by Apple’s decision when he spoke with BuzzFeed recently, it’s very possible that the website will face similar restraints with other payment processing companies in future.

A Revolutionary Wave

Apple Pay may not be the most popular payment processor at present, but their influence is a force to be reckoned with. Other big-name companies are following suit, including Stripe and PayPal, in showing their outrage and disapproval by putting into motion the suspension of their services for websites that engage in or promote hate, extremism and violence. But this isn’t just a show of good faith in distancing themselves from white supremacists: they are effectively attempting to cut off the routes various hate groups have to profit, grow and proliferate. They are starting an online revolution.

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According to Forbes, Spotify have also acted to remove “an array of white-supremacist acts”. They were first made aware of their presence in a report by Digital Music News highlighting the importance of ensuring website users and content are appropriate. To optimise a website and ensure peak performance, seek consultancy and development support from a professional web development company in London such as

In 2014, The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, was banned by PayPal, though the company is still linked with various potentially controversial and malicious websites. Since mocking the victim who died in the Charlottesville attack, this group appear to have been dropped by both Facebook and their host provider. This has been followed by the likes of WordPress, GoFundMe, Uber, Twitter, Airbnb and GoDaddy prohibiting their services being used by white supremacist and hate-inspiring websites and groups.

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